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Comprehensive VASS Approval Certificates

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Garage Apex is an authorised provider of the Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) certificates. We offer VASS Engineering Certificates for modified, imported, and individually constructed vehicles.

We know it can be tricky getting your vehicle to follow Australian Design Rules (ADRs). We’re here to make sure your vehicle is safe and keeps pollution down so you can register it in Victoria. 

Modified Vehicle Engineering

We Certify Vehicle Modifications

We’re experts in getting VASS certificates for modified motor vehicles and we know all about customising cars for performance and looks. We work hard to ensure your vehicle’s modifications complies with all safety standards.

We’ll make sure your car follows all of VicRoads rules and gets the right approval. As a VASS Signatory, we’ll ensure your car stays unique and your vehicle meets all the rules.

Examples Of Vehicle Modifications That Require an Approval Certificate

Heavy vehicle modifications

When your big truck or other heavy vehicle has been altered, we can help make sure those changes meet all the necessary standards.

Campervan and Motorhome Conversions

Turning your vehicle into a campervan or motorhome? We’ll assist in making sure your transformed vehicle meets all safety and emissions requirements.

Non-Standard Engine Modifications

When you’ve made engine changes that the vehicle’s manufacturer didn’t offer as an option, we’ll help ensure your adjustments comply with safety and emission regulations.

Additional Adult Seats & Seat Belts

Planning to fit extra seats and seatbelts in your vehicle? Let us help you ensure that your modifications meet all necessary safety guidelines.

Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel Conversions

Switching your vehicle’s steering wheel from the left side to the right? We’ll make sure your conversion meets all safety standards and is approved.

Wheelchair Access & Restraint Modifications

When modifying your vehicle for wheelchair accessibility, it’s crucial to maintain safety. Our team ensures your vehicle remains compliant with all necessary regulations.

Chassis Replacement

When replacing the chassis of a vehicle with a separate chassis structure, our expertise will ensure it aligns with safety standards and regulations.

Altering Gross Vehicle Mass Rating

If you’re planning to change your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) rating, we can help ensure the modifications adhere to the safety and emissions guidelines

Imported Vehicle Engineering Certificates

Register Your Dream Classic Car In Australia

Bringing an old car, especially one that’s 25 years or older, into Australia can be tricky due to the many rules. We’re experts in giving engineering certificates for these imports.

We focus on the unique needs of cars that come from various parts of the world. We’ll ensure your vintage ride meets all Australian safety rules while keeping its original charm.

Individually Constructed Vehicle Engineering Certificates

We'll Ensure Your Kit Car Can Be Driven On Our Roads

Individually Constructed Vehicles are special and need a unique approach. We provide VASS certification just for these kinds of cars, considering their special features and traits. At the same time, we make sure your Individually Constructed Vehicle complies with all the safety and design rules.

Frequently Asked Questions About VASS Certificates

Common Questions We're Asked And Their Answers

The Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) issues an Approval Certificate to verify a vehicle’s compliance with safety and emissions standards. This certificate is often necessary for modified vehicles or those outside standard categories.

The cost for a VASS Certificate can differ depending on your vehicle type and modifications. For a precise quote please contact us, we’re always ready to chat about your specific needs and provide a fair price. Our price will include the car engineering certificate cost and the time our engineers spend working on your vehicle.

If your car is modified, imported, or built by yourself, you’ll need a car engineering certificate. This certificate proves that your vehicle is safe and does not pollute more than allowed. Any changes that affect the strength of your car, how safe it is, or how much it pollutes need to be certified. It’s wise to talk to someone like us at Garage Apex, who can sign off on VASS Certificates, to know if your car needs one.

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