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Garage Apex is an ISO9001 certified Registered Automotive Workshop (RAW) and partners with the Department of Infrastructure. Our list of vehicles eligible for certification and compliance plates is growing everyday. Annually, we handle the compliance of over 500 import cars.

We have over 20 years of experience in the Import Vehicle Compliance and Engineering sector. We are proudly one of Australia’s leading vehicle compliance centres. Our commitment lies in customer satisfaction and we’re always ready to address any compliance plate queries you may have.

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Most clients seeking car compliance have already purchased their import car and are just looking for our compliance plate service. If you haven’t purchased a car yet, call us or browse our list of vehicles that we can Import From Japan.

Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) Permit

Prior to shipping the vehicle out of Japan, we need to organise a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) permit. Australian Border Force Customs Control will not release a vehicle unless it has a Vehicle Import Approval.

Ship The Car

Once you’ve obtained the Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) Permit, you’ll need to ship your import car to Australia. You can arrange your own vehicle shipping from Japan or contact us, and we’ll efficiently handle the logistics for you.

Receive The Car

After customs clears your car, it will need delivery to our compliance centre for the Vehicle Compliance Inspection. You have the choice to arrange your own transportation, or we can conveniently organise towing to our workshop for you.

Compliance Plate & Certificate

We perform a detailed Vehicle Compliance Check on your car. Upon successful completion, it receives a Vehicle Compliance Plate and a Certificate Of Compliance.

Roadworthy & Registration

After we complete the compliance process, we can further streamline your experience by arranging a roadworthiness assessment and registration. You can pick up your fully registered, roadworthy car and immediately enjoy it.

List Of Cars Approved For Compliance

We have 182 cars on our list that we have approval to import immediately.

If the car you’re looking for is not on the list, please contact us and we will let you know if it can be imported.

Frequently Asked Questions About Compliance

Common Questions We're Asked And Their Answers

The Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS) list indicates which cars are eligible for import from Japan to Australia. Please refer to our list of cars you can import to Australia from Japan.

Before we import any vehicle into Australia, we have to obtain a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA). The Australian Border Force customs control will not release the vehicle unless it has a VIA permit. Please ensure to contact us and obtain a VIA prior to shipping your car.

No, you cannot register a car without a compliance plate as it certifies the vehicle’s adherence to safety and emissions standards.

Compliance costs for import cars vary based on the vehicle manufactured date and if any vehicle modifications are required. Please reach out to us for any modification enquiries and to receive a quotation.

You’ll often find that a car’s compliance plate is on the Passenger side B Pillar of the vehicle. The plate contains information such as the model, the manufacturer, the year of manufacture, and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Manufacturers assign the Build Date to a car when they manufacture it. The Car Compliance Date indicates when the car has met local safety and emissions regulations. The Car Compliance Date is always after the Build Date of the vehicle.

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