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  1. Let’s have chat! Reach out to us via a call/email and let us know what vehicle you are planning to import. We will have plenty of friendly advice and pointers along the way and don’t hesitate to ask any questions! We will talk about your budget and we will discuss the quality of vehicle we can buy with that budget. At the end of this stage you will pay our fee and we can commence looking for a car.
    ***Keep in mind that not all vehicles are allowed to be imported and there is a very small and strict list of cars that we can bring in under SEVS (Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme). In short, almost any vehicles that were sold and imported by dealers and manufacturers in Australia are out of the picture and anything besides that must be found on the SEVs list in order to be eligible to import. If you haven’t imported a vehicle before or are unfamiliar with the entire process, please contact us before purchasing anything to ensure that the vehicle can be imported into the country.
  2. Finding a car- The fun begins and we are able to begin looking for a car. If you’ve already found the car you want to buy, email us the link and details and we can look into it. If you would like us to source the vehicle for you, we will have a discussion about the models, specifications, features, condition, etc that you are looking for. For some clients we can find a vehicle to their liking within 24 hours, for others it can take a few weeks.
    It all depends on the information you give us and what you are looking for. Eg. Finding a Nissan Elgrand/Toyota Estima in a specific body colour and interior trim can happen overnight in most cases but finding an auction grade 4B Skyline or Supra with under 100,000kms and within your budget might take a few weeks or more.

    Especially with these older sports car, there isn’t an abundance of vehicles floating around Japan like there was a few years ago. Finding a car that hasn’t been in an accident, heavily modified/tracked or without rust can take time.

    Almost always we will be using the term FOB when discussing prices for vehicles. FOB means “Free on Board” and it’s the price of the vehicle, towing all over japan, de registration costs, recycling costs, and anything else associated with getting the car onto the ship. It is an all-inclusive price of the car and expenses in japan EXCLUDING Shipping.
  3. Found one! Now that we’ve bought a vehicle you need to make payment to our agents or company in Japan for the vehicle. We will advise you on the best approach to send money overseas and where you can get the best rates when the time comes. After the money has been cleared we will then organise an import approval for the vehicle and book shipping.
    At some stage before the vehicle arrives in Australia we will forward the shipping invoice to you and ask that you pay this in a time manner. This ensures that the car is able to be cleared from the port ASAP and no storage costs incur while it remains at the port. Nobody likes port to pay port demurrage!

    Once the vehicle has landed in Australia it will generally take another few days before it is available to us for pickup (Quarantine, inspections, etc). So don’t stress we will keep you updated. After the car is available to pickup we will have it transported straight to our compliance workshop.
  4. Compliance. Now that the vehicle is in our workshop, you can come to us directly for viewing and asking any questions. If you live interstate or are busy with work, we will take a lot of photos and email them through so you don’t get to anxious.
    The compliance process of checking the car and making modifications to meet ADRs (Australian Design Rules) will generally take 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it’s quicker and sometimes it’s within the 2-3 weeks. When compliance is finished we will give you a call to either pick-up the vehicle or we can arrange delivery to your door anywhere in Australia.
  5. What about registration? If you want us to organise the roadworthy and registration of the vehicle, let us know. We generally do this for the majority of our clients so that they can pick-up the car once everything is done. We will give you quotations for any work we do before we do it.
    Depending on the age and kilometres it might need a few things such as brake pads, wipers, bushes, etc.

If you still have any questions feel free to send us an email or put in the enquiry form online and someone will give you a call back.

So you are thinking about importing a car? Garage Apex has been sourcing and importing high quality and bespoke vehicles to Australia for well over 18 years. Our goal is to make the entire importing process a breeze and with our expert knowledge and experience in the industry we can guarantee that we find you the exact vehicle you are looking for. We have access to the full range of Japanese auctions and vehicle dealer systems as well as being able to source parts from wreckers all over Japan.

What makes us different from every other importer/broker? We are an ISO9001 Registered Automotive workshop and a service centre as well. This means that compliance and all repairs/services are done in-house! With other brokers/importers you would have to take your car from place to place through each step of the process whereas we are able to provide every single service under the same roof. We even have our own tilt tray trucks that we specially brought down from japan to ensure that our client’s low, modified and exotic cars are transported safely and without being damaged. Not to mention our entire team is filled with qualified mechanics and/or Engineers that are also car crazy enthusiasts that know what they are talking about.

So what does all this mean for me? By being able to directly provide all these services under the same roof it means that we can offer more competitive pricing than anyone else and these savings go right back into your pocket. It also means that your car isn’t going from workshop to workshop and being billed by various companies that you just met throughout the process. We are also able to provide affordable servicing and maintenance for the life of your vehicle without any hidden costs.

So what’s the process? -Pay out $990 brokerage fee
-Find, purchase and pay for the vehicle in Japan
-Car gets shipped to Australia (approximately 3 weeks)
-Pay for shipping and customs
-Australian compliance, roadworthy, etc is carried out and finished ( 2 weeks max in most cases)
-Car is ready to be picked up or delivery is arranged

If you live interstate, don’t stress. We can either organise freight of the vehicle from victoria to you or if you’d like to ship the car from Japan to your own state, we can organise compliance and registration anywhere in Australia with other compliance shops that we partner up with. Get in contact with us to find out more.


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  • In-house Vehicle Repair centre
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