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    Let it be a creek sound while driving or whether
    it has been a while that the car got serviced.

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6 Mary Court, Epping, VIC 3076

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Garage Apex services cars, sells Japanese imported cars, and provides everything you need to import your own vehicle. With our fully equipped garage and experienced team of mechanics, you can expect nothing but the best quality service at competitive prices.

Ready to bring your car into Australia ? Take the worry out by using our broker and compliance services, as well as getting a certified odometer history check.

We offer you the wide range of Mechanical works as well as Import and complicance services…


Mileage Guarantee

All our cars come with a genuine mileage guarantee backed by the original export certificate (also known as the Japanese de-registration certificate). So there’s no need to stress. Odometer Tampering is one of the biggest issues faced by the Australian local car industry and we make all the right checks and provide you with all the original documents

RAW+ ADR Compliance

Not only can we help you with importing a car but Garage Apex is also a Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme with the Department of Infrastructure and we can ensure that your vehicle complies with Australian Design Rules (ADRs)

ISO:9001 Certified

We are globally ISO:9001 certified by SAI Global.

See Us in Person

Unlike other importers/brokers who you might never meet in person. You can always pop in and have a chat with us and the team at any time.

Service Centre and Spare Parts

We also have our own service centre and stock hard to get spare parts. If there is any maintenance, repairs, modifications or certification; it can all be done in-house with our team of qualified mechanics and engineers!


  • Over 17 years in experience importing vehicles to Australia
  • In-house Compliance centre
  • In-house Vehicle Repair centre
  • One stop shop for anything and everything vehicle related